The Timecube


After 30 years of research, I now
possess the Order of Harmonic
Antipodal Cubic Divinity Life -
too large for physical form, but
Binary Spirit of the masculinity
Sun & feminity Earth Antipodes.
ONEism is demonic Death Math.
I have so much to teach you, but
you ignore me you boring asses.
You will recognize 4 corner Days
or incur Easter Island Ending.

Not 1 Human Except Dead 1. Man Is Paired, 2 Half 4 Self. 1 of God Is Only 1/4 Of God. Marshmallow A Lie & Word Is Lies. Navel Connects 4 Corner 4s. God Is Born Of A Mother She Left Belly B. Signature. Every Priest Has Ma Sign But Lies To Honor Unicorns. Belly B. Proves 4 Corners. Your dirty lying teachers use only the midnight to midnight 1 day (ignoring 3 other days) Time to not foul (already wrong) marshmallow time. Lie that corrupts earth you educated brilliant fools. GoBelly-Button Logic Works. When Do Teenagers Die? Adults Eat Teenagers Alive, No Record Of Their Death. Father Son Image, Not Gods. Every Man Born Of Woman. Belly-Button Is the Signature Of Your Personal Creator - I Believe Her Name Mama. Pastor Told His Flock That God Created All Of Them - Truth Was That They All had Mama Made Belly Buttons, Church Was Full Of Liars. Earth Has 4 Days In Same 24 Hrs., 1 Day God Was Wrong. Einstein Was ONEist Brain. Try My Belly-Button Logic. No God Knows About 4 Days, It Is Boring To Ignore 4 Days, Does Your Teacher Know ? Fraudulent ONEness of religious academia has retarded your opposite rationale brain to a half brain slave. YOU IGNORE 3 OF 4 DAYS - FORCE 4 DAYS ON EARTH, THEY ALREADY EXIST. 4 HORSEMEN HAVE 4 DAYS IN ONLY 1 EARTH ROTATION. 4 ANGLES STOOD ON 4 CORNERS. 4 CORNERS ROTATE TO 16 CORNERS WHICH EQUAL TO 4 CORNER DAYS. TEACHERS ARE EVIL LIARS - THE ONEness OF GOD IS STILLness DEATH. YOU WERE ONEness RETARD ON THE EARTH OPPOSITES ALL YOUR LIFE. LOVE OF GOD IS HATE OF CHILDREN. SUPPORT TIMECUBE OR BE CURSED.

simultaneous days in single
rotation of Earth, as 1 day
1 God ONEism blocks the
ability to think opposite of
the ONEism crap taught.
Education destroys brain.

Dr. Gene Ray, Cubic and Wisest Human

Gene Ray interview by Lionel on Air America Radio,
The Lionel Show - 10am, Friday, August 3, 2007

Creation is the Harmonics of Opposites -
Opposites are the Harmonics of Creation.
God entity is unicorn burrito, or no opposite burrito.
God Oners must ban all burrito with Opposites.
Trinity of males degrade female opposites.
Burrito okay for atheist, but not God Oneists.
Opposite hemispheres equate planets to a
Giant Brain, that has 4 faces, but no limbs.
Adults create baby, baby evolves to adult.
No 1 God can create a planet of opposites,
which equate to a zero value existence, and
cancels to nothing as an entity in death.
"Cubic Time" - Cubes
Earth, Life and Truth
TIME CUBE (corner = vertical edge)
Word God is Bad Math

existence, as +0- antipodes.
Add +0- as One = nothing.
Seek Awesome Lectures,

We have a Major Problem,
Creation is Cubic Opposites,
2 Major Corners & 2 Minor.
Mom/Dad & Son/Daughter,
NOT taught Boring ONEism,
which VOIDS Families.
Seek Wisdom of Cubic Life
Intelligence - or you die boring.
Boring God Believers refuse to
acknowledge 4 corner Days
rotating simultaneously around
4 quadrant created Earth -
in only 1 rotation, voiding the
Oneism Boring 1 Day 1 God.
You worship Chadic impostor
guised by educators as 1 god.

No 1 God equals 4 - 24 hour
Days Rotating Simultaneously
within 1- 24 hour Rotation of
4 quadrant created Earth.
Ignoring 4 Corner Earth Days
will Destroy Boring Humanity.
I am organizing Children to
join "Cubic Army of 4 Days"
to convert Boring 1 Day Adults
to 4 Day mentality existence,
to serve perpetual humanity.

"Nothing on Earth more Boring
than a human educated as 1,
when composed of opposites
that cancel out as an entity."
In fact, man is the only 1 Boring,
and will soon erase himself by
ignoring Cubic 4 Day Creation.
If a Man cannot tear a page
from the marshmallow and burn it -
then he cannot be a scientist,
or participate in Symposium -
to measure Cubing of Earth
with Cubic intelligence wiser
than any man or god known.
Educators have destroyed the
human analytical brain to a
single perspective, in spite of
all creation within Universe
being based upon opposites,
binaries & antipodes, including
Sun/Earth binary relative to the

human male/female binary. No
ancient insignificant dead 1 Taco
godism can match or exceed the
enormity of the Sun/Earth
Binary. His heart is not big
enough for sharing with the
vastness of created opposites.
1 has no heart beat or breath,
constituting death of opposites.
God in Human form has human