Alkaline Noodles

Noodles being cut with a pasta machine



  1. Make the kansui (alkaline water): add sodium carbonate and salt to water in a jug and dissolve.

    Making the Kansui

  2. Put flour into a bowl, trickle in the kansui very slowly to get even hydration, mixing constantly with chopsticks. After all of the kansui is added it should look like rice.

    Mixing part 1: some liquid is poured into flour Mixing part 2: stirring with chopsticks Mixing final: the flour is in small grains

  3. Use hands to rub apart any clumps left, this is to hydrate the flour as fully as possible. Then bring together into a ball (this will be dry and flaky).

    Rubbing flour with hands Flour is in a ball

  4. Put in a sealed bag (I use a vacuum bag) and rest for 20 mins.

    Dough is in a vacuum bag

  5. Use feet to knead the bag of dough and flatted into a sheet.

  6. Rest another 20 mins.
  7. Cut dough thinner than the entryway of the pasta machine, feed through and laminate dough to knead by folding in thirds each time.

    Dough is cut into two halves Dough is folded into one third

  8. Once smooth, roll thinner and thinner until at setting 2 on the machine.

    Dough is smooth and kneaded

  9. For shorter noodles cut sheet in half, for longer leave as it is.

    A long thin sheet of dough around a meter in length

  10. Use the noodle cutter to cut the noddles. Angle the sheet flat ninety degrees to the cutter to prevent bunching.

  11. Dust noodles with flour or starch.
  12. Rest in the fridge at least one day before use, boil 2/3 mins.

    Final product: noodles in a tupperware container


To make sodium carbonate: bake sodium bicarbonate in the oven at 100C for 1 Hour.

Recipe adapted from Way of Ramen

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